Maluku-New Zealand Renewable Energy Cooperation

AMBON ( – The Maluku’s Provincial Government and the government of New Zealand initiated a partnership of renewable energy management for the benefit of the local community in Maluku. The launch of the NZMATES program’s implementation was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Governor of Maluku, Said Assagaff, and the New Zealand Ambassador to Indonesia and Mercy Corps, Thursday (11/29/18) in Ambon.

In his speech, the Governor of Maluku, Said Assagaf, said that the limited access to transportation, basic infrastructure, telecommunication facilities, and unequal access to electricity and services on each island, especially on large islands such as Seram, Buru, as well as the outermost, underdeveloped, and border islands contribute to the existence of poverty in Maluku region.

"These issues certainly need special attention especially on electricity services to be equally accessed by communities across the region,” said Assagaff.

The Maluku’s Provincial Government is also aware of the enormous electricity needs, in order to improve the community livelihood and increase the quality of basic services in education, health, and energy security.

"With the support from the government of New Zealand and Mercy Corps, we also hope the program could provide solutions in minimizing electricity problems through renewable energy," he said.

He also added that this is certainly strongly supported by the potential of renewable energy resources that have not been optimally utilized for development purposes, such as geothermal, ocean current, wind power, solar power, and hydro power, biogas, etc.

"The implementation of this program will then be followed up with the signing of a cooperation agreement in order to support the use of renewable energy to improve welfare for local community in Maluku," he concluded.


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In partnership with the Indonesian government (EBTKE and PLN) NZMATES will help deliver long-lasting, reliable, and affordable renewable energy projects to the people of Seram and surrounding islands.