The NZMATES team carry out technical assessments and community survey on a solar mini-grid in Tahalupu Village and a micro hydro power plant in Tihu Village

NZMATES conducted technical and community surveys on a solar mini-grid in Tahalupu Village and a micro-hydro power plant in Tihu Village, West Seram, Maluku on October 7-10, 2019. On-site interviews were carried out with village officials and residents to understand the power plants’ status and root causes of failure, as well as socio-economic impacts of decentralized energy application. People in both villages hope that the renewable power plants can operate again and provide enough electricity for 24 hours a day. The multiple benefits of renewable energy go beyond their contribution to climate change mitigation in remote rural areas, and include the strengthening of local economies through new business opportunities, job creation, and productivity gains.   

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In partnership with the Indonesian government (EBTKE and PLN) NZMATES will help deliver long-lasting, reliable, and affordable renewable energy projects to the people of Seram and surrounding islands.